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VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus

100 % mobility and safety in IV and NIV

The new generation of ventilators begins with VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus. They offer versatility and a high degree of safety, thanks to their practical mobility and monitoring options and unique ventilation functions. Innovative features – Cough support LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver), three storable ventilation programs, volume compensation, AirTrap Control, Trigger lockout and the expiratory ramp – give you quick and reliable support with ideal therapy settings.

NEW: VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus are equipped with two options for mouthpiece ventilation, namely pressure-controlled (MPVp) and volume-controlled (MPVv).
Both are available in all circuit systems. Mouthpiece ventilation gives the patient maximum freedom and independence in his therapy.