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VENAR TS - new anaesthesia apparatus

The new VENAR TS

in contrast to currently produced range of anaesthesia units (VENAR Libera, Omega, Media New) offers to customer new intuitive user interface using touchscreen control panel via 15” colour touch display and new attractive “slim” design with high level of modularity following all challenging demands in area of ergonomics.

The new anaesthesia unit VENAR TS is characterized by its very good and easy manoeuvrability.

VENAR TS represents anaesthesia unit of middle and upper class level even in its basic equipment.


Ventilation modes:

CMV, PCV, SIMV-PS, PS, MAN, SPONT including unique regime of multilevel ventilation (MLV) in basic equipment of VENAR TS as well.

This anaesthesia unit has available a lot of different options and modules including additional monitoring and linear-pumps system.

The VENAR TS represents sophisticated anaesthesia workstation which except of standard regimes has incorporated world unique ventilation mode of 3-level ventilation of lungs during anaesthesia.
Furthermore compared to other anaesthesia units VENAR TS provides significant extension of monitored and evaluated parameters including a lot of automatic and optimizing engines. This anaesthesia unit offers “even more” because thanks its universality could be used for standard anaesthesia with standard anaesthetic agents and for special Xenon anaesthesia application as well.