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VARIODERM ® - expanded product line for all wrinkle intensities

Following the successful market launch of the soft-tissue filler Varioderm®, ADODERM GmbH has now supplemented its product line with three more specific fillers. Based on the proven unique nature of Varioderm® hyaluronic acid, research was advanced in order to effectively treat very acute or strong wrinkles. The successful reduction of wrinkles and skin deformations is achieved through optimal concentration, and a high degree of cross-linking of 70% to 90%, which is 4-times the ratio for conventional products. The high level of cross-linking and high molecular weight is sufficient for an optimal concentration of 6-27mg/ml to achieve a maximum effect in all indications. This means the high degree of outstanding flow velocity and visco-elasticity are maintained.

Facial skin rejuvenation is now achieved within a comprehensive therapy concept through the following VARIODERM® products:

6mg/ml, upper dermis; e.g. for finer lines on the forehead, acute glabella, periorbital and oral wrinkles and for augmentation of lips

12 mg/ml, middle to lower dermis; e.g. for moderate wrinkle depth and lip contouring

18 mg/ml, lower dermis; e.g. for deeper wrinkles and facial contouring

27mg/ml, subcutaneous; e.g. for very deep wrinkles and furrows, and the volume layout and contouring of the face

The significant benefits in chemical and physical behaviour of Varioderm® hyaluronic acid can be seen in practice. The dermatologist Dr. Weidmann, who has 12 years’ experience in dealing with various types of hyaluronic acids, emphasizes the “particularly high level linkage of pure acids". By comparison this generates slower absorption and thus gives the patient a long-lasting natural appearance. Dr. Weidmann assesses the effect of Varioderm® fillers, following a 14-month survey (April 2006-June 2007) of 34 patients with the most diverse indications, as positive overall. In particular, he points out that, with the four Varioderm® products, a “broad range exists for volume augmentation of different wrinkles in all facial regions and from the area of the cheeks". The easy-to-inject substances showed a positive volume effect over approx. 8 to 12 months. In addition, Dr. Weidmann sees benefits of these “new hyaluronic acids in positive adaptation to tissue and a strong safety profile".
The detailed results of subcutaneous injection revealed a distinctly positive volume effect, which generally continues beyond 12 months. In the 5-month post-observation period, the strong durability of packing material, which was neither displaced nor reduced, was convincing. Even when injecting Varioderm Plus® into the lower dermis - e.g. for deep nasolabial folds - and Varioderm® into the middle dermis area, “very pronounced” augmentations could be demonstrated. In particular the “very fine distribution of material in the tissue" has proven successful in formation of lips with the surface application of Varioderm Fine Line®. The doctor administering treatment can inject Varioderm® very easily due to its outstanding fluidity, and is thus able to assure safe and targeted treatment. This gentle treatment and the overall positive material adjustment only produced “a slightly increased inflammatory reaction in the first few days in individual cases". The efficiency can be seen through an agreeable course of treatment, according to Dr. Weidmann, in which a strong volume effect is achieved with little material.

The plastic surgeon Dr. Aref Alsoufi comes to similar conclusions in his study of 20 patients from October 2006 to June 2007. In particular he points out that the easy injection pressure proved agreeable as far as the patient was concerned, and no disturbing acute reactions were observed. In summary, he emphasizes the positive aesthetic result of Varioderm® products, the volume effect of which was still present at controls after 3, 6 and 9 months. In case of Varioderm Fine Line® the effect persisted for up to 6 months, for Varioderm® up to 8 months, and at Varioderm® Plus even up to 10 months after the treatment.
In a panel of experts on facial injections at Meoclinic Berlin in March 2007, the plastic surgeon Dr. Westphal confirmed the impressive effect and patient satisfaction following treatment with Varioderm®.

Hyaluronic acid forms the basis, as a material that can be reabsorbed by the body, for most dermal fillers (approx. 70-80%). Thus the sustained loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which constitutes a natural aging process, can be compensated by injection. The specific characteristic of Varioderm® lies in the fact that it resists decomposition in the body for longer than lower-linked conventional hyaluronic acids. In addition, Varioderm® is particularly well tolerated, since it constitutes a pure, non-animal origin hyaluronic acid generated by bio-fermentation, use of which does not require any prior allergy tests. The innovative Varioderm® procedure was developed by ADODERM GmbH on the basis of over 20 years of research work on the subject of skin aging and rejuvenation processes. Varioderm® is subject, as a CE-certified (CE-0297) medicinal product, to the highest European and international quality standards.

Overall, treatment with Varioderm® is fast and almost pain-free, such that a topical and local anaesthetic should only be considered in case of extreme hypersensitivity. In addition, the scientific literature mentions only rarely occurring side effects, such as necrosis, granulomas, abscesses and hypersensitivity after injection. Following treatment, cooling of treated skin areas and usual precautionary measures are advisable in order to prevent skin irritations.

Varioderm® is exclusively intended for use by doctors. In order to clarify contraindications it is necessary to find out about the previous illnesses of the patient, such as inflammations and infections, or the tendency for hypertrophic scars. The use of Varioderm® during pregnancy or breastfeeding, prior administration of another filling material at the site to be treated and in simultaneous treatments with lasers, chemical peelings or dermal abrasion, is contraindicated. Around 6 million people have so far decided in favour of facial injection, which points to a large demand for skin rejuvenation. The complete product range of Varioderm® means the chance now exists to treat patients individually in a complete therapy concept and to meet their high expectations through visible and long lasting results.

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