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Unrestricted Flow! – The nSyte Connector for Needle-free Access by NP Medical

The nSyte family of needle-free swabable connectors is designed for high flow rate applications in infusion therapy.
Its straight fluid path allows an unrestricted high flow path within the system and easy flushing. The flat swabbable split septum promotes easy disinfection and provides an excellent microbial barrier. This valve is convenient to use even in critical care applications demanding strict hygienic regulations. Providing a back pressure resistance up to 30 psi and leakage free handling, the connector is currently available as a stand-alone needle-free connector valve as well as a Y-site port. 

The N100 needle-free connector has an ISO 80369-7 compliant female luer lock inlet and a male luer lock outlet. It features a minimum dead volume due to its short body. The N400 Y-site valve is available in various tube sizes for your applications. The female luer lock inlet can be accessed with an ISO 80369-7 compliant male luer lock and a male luer slip connector. Medical grade polycarbonates and silicones are used in the construction of these valves.

With the nSyte connector, NP Medical offers a secure and cost effective needle-free solution for the most common fluid management and IV clinical use cases. As NP Medical’s 5th generation needle-free platform, nSyte delivers the quality and reliability you have come to expect and know.

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