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United Biotech, Inc.

United Biotech Acquired Biotech Company in USA

United Biotech, Inc. USA (UBI) succeeded acquired biotech company in USA in 2008

United Biotech, Inc. USA (UBI) is a 25 year diagnostic products manufacturing company producing diagnostic ELISA products.

UBI is CE, ISO13485, USA FDA GMP certified manufacturing company.

In this year, UBI succeeded acquiring a biotech company in USA and has expanded its products into 3000+ antibody, 300+ recombinant antigen, 300+ cell lines, animal sera, flow cytometry reagents and compensation beads, serving life science research field worldwide.

UBI ELISA diagnostic products includes: Human Hormones, Cancer Markers, Infectious disease, Auto-immune disease, Pancreatic diseases, Human Steroid, Diabetes diseases, etc.

UBI's antibody list can be used for IHC, ELISA, Western Blot, Flow cytometry for both manufacturing or research purpose.

UBI recombinant antigens has high purity and is ideal for manufacturing and research purpose.

UBI's 300+ cell lines includes CD4, CD8, CD45, CD3 and many others can be used to produce high quality monoclonal antibody for research.

We also offer service for antibody production services to research and manufacturing customers.

UBI's flow cytometry products includes: Lysing reagent, Fixative and Permeabilization reagent and compensation beads such as eGFP, wtGFP, FITC, CFSE, PE, PE-Cy5 and many more.

UBI in the near future will introduce its supplement of nutrients which is designed to assist patients in treatment of Alzheimer, Colon cancer, Diabetes Type 2, Herpes, Cholesterol control, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

UBI seeks distributors and world class OEM customers from all countries in the globe. We seeks to provide best quality products and good service to maintain long lasting business relationship.

Interesting party are welcome to contact UBI at: Phone: +1-650-961-2910; Fax: +1-650-961-0766; email: info@unitedbiotech.com or jack@unitedbiotech.com

UBI is located at 3C16-15 inside US Pavilion during MEDICA.