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Ultrasonic Device with Cooling for Use in Pathology and Analysis Laboratories

SONOCOOL 255 for decalcifying of bone tissue
Today, ultrasound is an integral part of both pathology and analysis laboratories where rapid diagnosis and a high degree of process effectiveness are concerned. The new SONOCOOL from BANDELIN now combines the process accelerating impact of ultrasound and simultaneous cooling of the sample.
During the histological analysis of samples, in oncology, for example, bone decalcification is an important step as only decalcified samples can be suitably prepared for later analysis without contamination. The tedious process used to date can now be accelerated considerably using ultrasound. The morphological structure of the sample, however, is preserved by the integrated cooling. A substandard sample, the diagnosis of which would be difficult or impossible, is avoided. The results are available in a shorter time.
Using SONOCOOL, the catalytic effect of ultrasound can now be used on heat sensitive samples in analysis laboratories. The cooling function means that exothermic reactions can be controlled and the processes carried out faster and effectively.
BANDELIN, a leading supplier of ultrasonic devices once again, with SONOCOOL, makes its mark in innovative ultrasound technology for medicine and the laboratory.