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Desmon S.p.A

Ultra low temperature freezer for biobanks with backup cooling system

Italian company “Desmon S.p.A” – one of the European leaders in production of professional refrigeration equipment – recently enriched a range of ultra-low temperature freezers -85° and added new models developed especially for “biological banks”. They are designed for long-term storage of valuable biological material and equipped with two completely independent refrigerating units with alternating operation and fully automatic administration.

The range includes three upright models with internal volumes of 354, 505 and 604l and regulated working temperature within a range of -40/-85°С. Each model is equipped with two independent
and twin systems (4 compressors+2 evaporators). Each cooling system is managed by its own microprocessor controller. In case one systems fails an internal control system signals the event with audiovisual alarm and stops a damaged system. Then the second system switches on to maintain an internal temperature.

Meanwhile it is working it becomes possible to fix a problem with the first one. By default both systems are programmed for alternating operation (one is working, another is reserved) but it is possible to re-program them for simultaneous operation.

In case of long blackout periods optional CO2 or LN2 backup systems should be installed. The solution with double cooling system guarantees a perfect storage for years and years. There is no need to worry about deterioration of samples caused by temperature drops due to failures of any kind. It is like keeping a precious jewel in a Swiss bank!