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Ultra-thin Endoscope Probes With Camera LED Light Source Unit From SCHÖLLY

The controller is easy to use and can be placed almost anywhere due to the small footprint. The LED light intensity is seamlessly adjustable, and additional devices including a monitor, printer or recorder can be easily connected. A wide range of rigid, flexible and semi-flexible endoscopes with different directions of view are available and offer users a variety of possible applications.

“It was our aim to develop a product which has its strength and uniqueness in those applications where tactile and sensitive working is needed. The handle which accommodates the endoscope perfectly can be moved like a pencil, which is a perfect match for applications in e.g. small joints. We have ultra-thin endoscope probes of a diameter of 0.35 mm to 3.0 mm available, which enables possibilities in Arthroscopy, ENT, Neuro-Endoscopy or even Ophthalmology”, said by the head of product management.

For this special endoscopy system, SCHÖLLY offers a wide range of ultra-thin endoscopes which can be enhanced by customized solutions according to the needs of the application. Adjustments include special endoscope probes with or without working channel, sheaths, single use products, innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilization concepts.

SCHÖLLY - solutions in sight
The SCHÖLLY GROUP is a global engineering and manufacturing company, focusing on medical endoscopy products. Innovative strength and quality have taken center stage for the past 40 years of our company’s history, by visualizing the unseen through micro optics, fiber optics, electronics and software. Our advancements have made the inaccessible available for viewing or medical treatment.

At SCHÖLLY, we pride ourselves on continuous improvement, constantly making investments in advancement. The leading development in 3D endoscopy, the exploration of further product ideas for chip-in-tip technology and the extension of applications of micro endoscopes from 0.35 mm in diameter are only some of our most important fields of activity. Find additional information at www.schoelly-group.com

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