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Ultraviol sp. j. Pietras Purgal. Woj

UV-C germicidal lamps NBVE UV-C air purifiers

NBVE series UV-C flow germicidal lamps with remote control ( UV-C air purifiers)

Benefits of NBVE series flow germicidal lamps
Provide possibility of intense air disinfection in the presence of patients and medical staff (flow UV-C chamber ).
Irreversibly destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and other airborne microorganisms.
Reduce the risk of secondary infections of the hospitalized patients, particularly postoperative infections.
Microorganisms do not acquire resistance to UV-C radiation
Low operating costs,
Easy to use.
Areas of application
Medicine: operating theatres, treatment rooms, delivery wards, dentists’,
emergency departments, patient wards, sluice rooms, consulting rooms, ambulatories, corridors etc.
Veterinary clinics
Laboratories, Pharmacies
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
Food industry ( food processing and storage )
Waiting rooms, stations, hotels, cinemas, disco, shops, nurseries, infant schools etc.
In all places where high level of microbiological purity is required and at the same time people have to stay there.