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ULTIMUS – Ultimate solution to challenges of Bottle Top Dispensers

ULTIMUS – Ultimate solution to challenges of Bottle Top Dispensers

In today’s world, Bottle Top Dispensers are integral part of every laboratory using variety of reagents including acids, solvents and crystalline liquids.

The users have constantly faced a challenge ofrinsing the instrument after use with acids, solvents and crystalline solutions, which has always been a strong recommendation from the manufacturers. In practical scenario, rinsing the Dispenser is very cumbersome due to dismounting it from reagent bottle and mounting it on distilled water bottle and mounting it back on reagent bottle.

Refilling the bottle is another major problem that involves dismounting and remounting of the Dispenser and purging before use. In case of aggressive reagents an additional element of danger and risk is involved during bottle refilling. By introducing ULTIMUS, Microlit has answered the most challenging and demanding limitations of Dispensers available in the world market.

ULTIMUS not only provides RINSING and BOTTLE REFILLING features, but also provides an additional feature of DILUTION MODE with the same dispenser without dismounting.

Microlit is proud to present ULTIMUS, the most advanced, state of the art Bottle Top Dispenser in the world.With patented technology Microlit has delivered a product that combines unique functionality, user-friendliness and performance. This technology involves a special dual valve system that can be used in various combinations, offering different modes of operation.

ULTIMUS offers its users 4 modes of dispensing in one Dispenser without DISMOUNTING from the bottle.

1. Bottle Refilling – The user can refill the bottle from a barrel or another bottle through the second valve
2. Rinsing – The user can rinse the instrument by simply running distilled water through the instrument via the second valve.
3. Dilution – The user can also use this technology to dilute the reagent with distilled water.
4. Dual Liquid Handling – A unique application of using two liquids in the same unit is also possible with the dual valve technology.

After 2 years of strong R&D, Microlit has evolved this stable and groundbreaking technology and ULTIMUS is now available to the users. With the years of innovation and constant improvements, Microlit has always stood by its vision of “Redefining liquid handling systems”.