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Typenex Medical LLC

Typenex Medical Forges International Pathways with Recipient Verification Products

Typenex Medical

Typenex Medical is an energetic company dedicated to providing its customers with quality wristband systems and lab supplies that enable safer blood transfusion processes. While blood transfusion safety products are the main focus, Typenex wristband systems are often used in other clinical areas such as, trauma patient identification and nuclear pharmacy.

Currently, Typenex Medical develops, manufactures, and sells the following innovative product lines in both the US and abroad:
• Typenex Original Blood Band
o Trusted by hospital blood banks for over 30 years
o Alphanumeric Blood Bank Identification codes only, clip closure
o Requires only a ballpoint pen for handwriting patient information
• Next Generation Barcode Blood Band
o All-in-One band design to accommodate many processes
o Alphanumeric and GS1-128 linear barcode Blood Bank Identification codes on every sticker, adhesive closure
• R3 Attachment System
o Blood band accessory to replace, resize or relocate the Next Generation Barcode Blood Band on a patient
• TypeSafe Segment Sampling Device
o Blood bank specific device to pierce blood segments for cross-matching
o Eliminates the need for scissors and reduces contamination errors

In addition to the current product offering, Typenex is constantly anticipating customer needs and developing more robust resources for customers to grasp their recipient verification process needs, the significance of a sound recipient verification process and how Typenex products can enable that process in many different ways.

Please take a moment to visit Typenex online at www.typenex.com for video demonstrations for each product’s intended use, detailed fact sheets for every product, as well as the latest in transfusion safety news.