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Type 2 Diabetes: Successful Treatment With Telemonitoring

Magdeburg study with obese type 2 diabetes patients: Motivating telemonitoring of weight and activity and the “Magdeburg dual diet” have proven effective for weight reduction, diabetic metabolism and medicine consumption.
With the new „ABC programme“ of the University Clinic of Magdeburg obese type 2 diabetes patients have successfully lost considerable weight. HbA1c and glucose levels dropped, and with four out of five patients antidiabetic medication was reduced. Core elements of the programme are telemonitoring with activity sensors, motivating written feedback and an innovative diet combination.

The 6-month study initiated by Professor Luley included 70 obese type 2 diabetes patients. 35 patients in the intervention group (medium BMI = 35.3) were given advice about the dual diet (calorie restriction with a focus on the glycemic index) and a set from Aipermon (consisting of a scale and an (AiperMotion) activity sensor) for measuring the physical activity and for the telemetric data transfer to the study centre. Each week, the patients received advice and written feedback on their results. 35 patients (BMI = 34.8) served as a control group, i. e. they were treated by their GPs in compliance with the guidelines.
The patients in the intervention group lost an average of 11.5 kg. The weight reduction closely correlated with the average physical energy use. HbA1c and glucose levels dropped by 10% and 12%. The percentage of patients with a HbA1c level of >7% dropped by 51% to 19%. The antidiabetic medication for 81% of all patients was either discontinued (39%) or reduced (42%). Within the control group, discontinuation and dose reduction was both 9%. The group didn’t experience any changes except for a slight increase in HbA1c by 3%.

With regard to weight, metabolism, medication consumption and compliance, the ABC programme has proven highly effective for type 2 diabetes patients, and provides an efficacious treament alternative.

The study, along with further results, will be presented at the Meeting of the German Diabetes Association and the German Adipositas Society from 5-7 November in Berlin (stall B3), and at the Medica Fair from 18-21 November 2009 in Dusseldorf (Hall 15, C 39).

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Aipermon GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of telemedical systems based in Munich, Germany. The company offers complete telemonitoring systems for the remote transmission of medical results from home. The systems are employed in studies for the medical care of chronic patients, for movement intervention, movement prevention, and increasingly for medical intervention. In addition, Aipermon has developed AiperSunny activity sensors and AiperMotion 440TM, an Energy Balance Coach. The sensors are used for health promotion and weight loss programmes.

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