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TurboSonic: Vibration Plate with sonic waves for Fitness and Rehabilitation

Top Technology for health and rehabilitation

With TurboSonic schwa-medico introduces whole body vibration system

During this autumn the German medical company schwa-medico introduces a unique whole body vibration device for the German market. It is unique because of its use of sonic wave technology.
TurboSonic is a high efficient and stable training system which provides great exercise effects for all body parts. Via vibrations going around 50 Hz, muscles, bones, nerve, heart, the circle- as well as the hormone-system are stimulated.

During stimulation the TurboSonic therapy system enhances the blood circulation and improves the user’s strength, flexibility, energy, endurance, balance, and coordination. It helps to reduce pain, stress, and fatigue.

It is ideal for all ages in the areas of sports, wellness and fitness, as it keeps the muscles and bones in good shape for all users.

TurboSonic is available in 2 sizes (X5 und X7).