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Trumpf expands family of operating table systems


The family of TRUMPF’s operating table systems is made to handle any need. A new arrival, just in time for MEDICA 2010, is the TruSystem 5500 - the “little brother” to the successful high-end TruSystem 7500 operating table system for hospitals.

Broad product portfolio
The demands placed on surgical tables are many and varied, as are the applications and fields where they are used – in diverse surgical disciplines. The yardstick here is always the human being. Operating tables have to meet surgeons’ individual requirements and preferences. And they have to offer patients, regardless of stature, the safest and best possible positioning. TRUMPF has the right operating table for every need and thus offers innovative technologies, made to measure. That lets hospitals select the solution matching needs exactly. The flexible, modular concept means that mobile tables and operating table systems will complement each other perfectly.

Modern operating table technology
The TruSystem 5500 also meshes precisely with the TruSystem family and offers scope for new application options, better working conditions and greater efficiency in daily procedures. In 2007 TRUMPF brought the TruSystem 7500 to market. This system has received several awards since then and has been installed in hospitals all over the world. The TruSystem 5500 is likewise based on the latest technologies and focuses on the same user-friendly qualities as the TruSystem 7500. An intuitively designed control concept enables rapid access to all the functions built into the column and the table tops. Ergonomically shaped controls set off with color and easy-to-use remote control facilitate handling even further. The logical structure of the new operating table system and its handling correspond to the TruSystem 7500.

Equipped for diverse applications
The TruSystem 5500 can carry patients weighing up to 360 kilograms, depending on patient positioning. Anatomically correct segmentation of the table tops facilitates correct patient positioning. Clearly identified coupling points make it possible to configure the table individually before every operation. The TruSystem 5500 achieves a maximum tilt of 25 degrees to the left or right and a maximum Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg slope of 40 degrees. The matching universal operating table tops can be shifted longitudinally through 350 millimeters and attain a minimum height of 621, 641 or 651 millimeters, depending on the column version installed. Its modular design and its compatibility make the TruSystem 5500 an optimal addition for clinics that have already installed TRUMPF JUPITER or TruSystem 7500 operating tables. The advantage is the ability to use and interchange components and accessories among different tables.

Extension unit with MIS-hip-device
TRUMPF’s extension unit with MIS-hip-device is an example of a component suitable for all TruSystem or JUPITER operating table systems. It is the ideal solution for hip arthroscopies or total hip joint replacements. That’s because it allows a greater degree of positioning freedom, ensures safe patient positioning and at the same time enables intraoperative diagnoses. Supported by special gas-filled struts, the MIS hip set makes it easy for the nursing staff to gently put the patient’s leg in the required extended position. To guarantee optimum access to the operating area, the leg can be extended, rotated, flected and both abducted or adducted. It’s also possible to combine all these movements. No matter which movement is carried out, there's nothing to get in the way of the surgeons and surgical staff during the operation since the extension unit with MIS-hip-device is attached to the operating table in a more or less free-floating configuration, without floor supports.