Tristel Solutions Ltd

Tristel for Ultrasound delivers complete response to cross-contamination risks for ultrasound equipment

Utilising several different chemistries, including Tristel’s patented chlorine dioxide technology, Tristel for Ultrasound delivers a complete response to the risks of cross-contamination for all equipment used in ultrasound procedures. This includes non-invasive probes, probe holders and keyboards; transrectal and transvaginal probes and accessories.

Tristel for Ultrasound comprises a number of different products – wipes, foams and solutions – the combination of which is configured according to the specific decontamination task. The system is based on the following chemistries: a highly effective enzymatic cleaning system used in the pre-clean wipe; a polymeric biguanide - a safe effective microbiocide - for non-invasive equipment; and chlorine dioxide for Tristel Duo foam, Tristel Sporicidal Wipes and Tristel Fuse solutions.

Infection control risks in ultrasound are now widely recognised. The authors of a study “An investigation of the microbiological contamination of ultrasound equipment” published in the August 2006 issue of the British Journal of Infection Control, commented that: “The results reveal that ultrasound equipment was often significantly contaminated and therefore a potential vehicle for the spread of infection. The most significant results were recovered from the non-invasive equipment, which had the highest levels of clinically significant contamination”.

Tristel for Ultrasound provides infection control and radiology teams with a comprehensive means of addressing these infection control challenges. For further information please visit www.tristel.com