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Treatment of Diabetic Polyneuropathy

The HiToP® 191 is a HighTone therapy unit for muscle stimulation that has been especially designed to treat diabetic polyneuropathy.

The diabetic polyneuropathy causes symptoms like numbness, burning, pain, paraesthesia or muscle weakness in legs and feet that reduces the patients quality of life significantly. Especially encumbering is the painful diabetic polyneuropathy that is found in 11% of the patients with diabetes type 1 and 32% with type 2.

Specific medication for this type of disease does not exist. Typically used are psychotropic drugs or drugs from the field of epilepsy. Unfortunately these drugs are not very effective (for diabetic PN), have many side effects and are very expensive.

That is why it is good to know that these patients can be helped much better by applying the medical muscle stimulation with the HiToP® 191. A study at the DDZ (German Diabetes Center, the Leibnitz Institute at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf) has not only shown that the HiToP® is very successful with a 80% positive responder rate but also that it is much more effective than the conventional electrotherapy with a 33% success rate.

This study was published in the leading European Diabetes Journal DIABEOLOGIA in May 2005 („Effective treatment of symptomatic diabetic polyneuropathy by high-frequency external muscle stimulation“; Reichstein L., Nickell S., Ziegler D., Scherbaum W.A., Martin S.).

The scientists at the German Diabetes Center have continued their research into the positive effects of HighTone Therapy and found out that the insulin sensitivity is increased and a significant reduction in weight was achieved. This study is due to be published soon.