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Transcranial Doppler - Ankle Brachial Index

This year Atys is proud to present its new product, the NEW BASIC. Fitted with a Doppler module, a photoplethysmography module and a systolic pressure measurement module, the BASIC is the ideal equipment for assessement of limb vessels. It measures automatically ABI and TBI.
The BASIC is small, easy to move and affordable. it offers all the diagnosis functions for day-to-day practice.
With the BASIC, you spend money only for functions you are going to use in routine. You do not waste money in useless functionnalities.

Beside the BASIC, Atys will present the TCD-X, the unique transcranial Holter. The TCD-X records the blood velocity in the intracranial arteries as the patients have no longer to stay sill near a stationary transcranial Doppler. The patients can move and be involved in activities. The TCD-X is a real innovation in the field of transcranial Doppler. It makes easier the recordings and open new opportunities for emboli detection and physiological tests.