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ToxiMet Ltd and Integrated Technologies


The ToxiQuant system can accurately, precisely, simply, rapidly and affordably measure the level of mycotoxins (responsible for 56% of all border rejections) in edible nuts at the regulatory level to ‘sub parts per billion’ accuracy. The results are shown in minutes rather than hours or even days, and testing can take place outside laboratory conditions. It is highly suited for testing across the four major agricultural commodity groups – nuts, cereals, dried fruits and coffee beans.

For ease of use by non-scientists, the ToxiQuant system eradicates the need for batch testing and allows a flexibility and cost-efficiency never seen before in the toxin testing market.

The system is a disruptive, IP-protected technology and is capable of simultaneously measuring multiple toxins in one test. It offers users a highly significant step forward in the measurement and identification of mycotoxins and this new ability to provide real-time, regular testing of the food quality, every time it is to be transported, brings potentially huge commercial and operational benefits to the whole supply chain.