Our Topics of the Month 2017

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Overview: Topics of the Month 2017

Image: A woman is wearing an exoskeleton of Hocoma and playing a videogame; Copyright: beta-web/Brockmann

June 2017: Physiotherapy


Exoskeletons for arms, hands and legs, videogames that motivate to move or a combination of both: More and more new technologies are being used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, even in the home environment. They have in common that they support patients and therapists. Learn more about the use of sensor technology, robotics and more in our Topic of the Month June.
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Image: An Indian doctor and a mother with child; Copyright: panthermedia.net/szefei

May 2017: Medical Market India


India is becoming more and more interesting for many medical technology companies, because the country itself does not manage to meet the needs. This can also be seen in the well-attended MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017, which attracted many exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. We have researched for you on this exciting topic.
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Image: Three young female scientists work together in a laboratory; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Viktor Cap

April 2017: Laboratory medicine: infectious diseases


Infectious diseases come unnoticed and can have severe consequences. Prevention through good hygiene is the best protection for people in hospitals. This is especially necessary for weakened patients whose immune systems are not able to fight back the infections by themselves. When they still fall ill, physicians need to be quick to diagnose and treat them.
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Image: Female patient during an eye examination; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Dangubic

March 2017: Big Data and medicine


The worldwide amount of digital data doubles every two years. In the medical sector, too, data is not only becoming bigger but is also becoming more. In addition to "classical" patient data like blood parameters or medication, patients' genomes are playing a more and more important role. But how can these data mountains be utilized, how is Big Data evolving to Smart Data?
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Image: Female patient during an eye examination; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Dangubic

February 2017: The eye


Our sense of vision enables us like no other to independently and freely do what we want. It is very difficult for most people to lose it: They must completely adjust themselves to learn how to compensate the loss through hearing, touching and auxiliary means. But today, we are already able to treat many diseases that threaten our vision.
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Image: Boy before sunset, he wears a cape; Copyright: panthermedia.net / gjohnstonphoto

January 2017: Children and cancer


Pediatric oncology has many successes in the treatment of children and adolescents with cancer. Much has improved thanks to research, more children reach the adult age today thanks to therapy . Nevertheless, the treatment of children is difficult because it is a very emotional issue - for the families, the affected persons and the treating physicians and carers.
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