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Overview: Topics of the Month 2016

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December 2016: The human patient


In younger years, in old age and in between – our way of life influences our health. We can cause diseases of civilization like diabetes, overweight, joint damage and cardiovascular diseases with our lifestyle. They bother us until our late stages of life.
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Image: Entrance at MEDICA 2015; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

November 2016: MEDICA 2016


What do telediabetology, active implants and infected devices have in common? All three of them are topics of lectures at MEDICA 2016. The fair opens its doors for you from 14 to 17 November in Düsseldorf, Germany. As a visitor, you can find many exciting topics at the fair. At, we already had a look at the three above items. Read more about this in our Topic of the Month.
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October 2016: Networked healthcare


The patient data is securely stored in the cloud, the app on the phone helps to control the chronic disease and in the afternoon it goes to the office hours at the doctor - by computer. The future of medicine is digital and it has many advantages for doctors and patients. In our Topic of the Month October we highlight these advantages in more detail for you.
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September 2016: Intraoperative Imaging


Intraoperative imaging has already been established in vascular surgery, but is also used in other medical areas. It enables a gentler treatment and offers more therapy options. But it is also a very expensive method, because the construction of a hybrid OR requires intense planning and training for the complete personnel involved.
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August 2016: Medical Industry Worldwide


Sustainability – that means three aspects: social, environmental and economic ones. Nowadays it is an important catchphrase that can be heard in many areas. But what about sustainability in hospitals? Green Hospital and Blue Hospital are two main concepts that deal with the topic and provide criteria for sustainable hospitals – with all social, environmental and economic aspects.
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Photo: Two women and a man doing sports; Copyright: Trautmann

July 2016: Sports and medicine


Be true to yourself. Today everyone is aware of the positive effects of physical exercise. But sometimes it seems hard to find time or to overcome a certain weakness- when you are ill for example. But smart wearables can help us. And to be ill is no longer an excuse for not doing sport. Read more about prevention, sports therapy and wearables in our Topic of the Month July.
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June 2016: Hospital hygiene


Desinfection of hands and surfaces plus wearing gloves – these would be the most elementary hygiene regulations, which hospitals have to observe in the fight against microbes. Read more about these and other important measures in our Topic of the Month June. Enjoy reading!
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Photo: Physician paints a heart with a pen; Copyright: peshkova

May 2016: The heart


Its beating is the first sign of life of a human being in the uterus. It beats about three billion times until we die: the heart. Software and tools to support its research and therapy are continuously developed further. More in our Topic of the Month.
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March 2016: Paediatrics and neonatology


Children are not just "small adults". Otto Heubner, who is seen as the father of pediatrics in Germany, knew this already back in the 19th century. We want to put children into the focus of our attention this month, too. This is why we collected some exiting topics for you.
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Photo: 3D printer prints model of the foot bones

February 2016: Regenerative medicine


Regenerative medicine is concerned with restoring lost functions of the body. Researchers hope to be able to also treat rare diseases and tissue defects and even to replace entire organs in the future. Especially in the last decade, more and more methods have been successfully tested and are already partially applied. This month we present two of them in detail.
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April 2016: Medical education and training


In medicine and medical technology time never stand still. You have always to learn about new devices or therapies. In our topic of the Month April we therefore turn to the new techniques in the doctor's office. Have fun while reading!
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January 2016: Infectious diseases


Malaria, measles or Ebola, they all have one thing in common: they are infectious diseases. In many regions of the world people are particularly vulnerable because of poor living conditions, insufficient hygiene and lacking medical care - either because of wars, crises, disasters or poverty.
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