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Toolsafe Fixation Strips

Toolsafe® Fixing Strips made of silicone – The key to a successful processing!

Nominated for the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2013 and awarded with the 3. place in the category medical engineering

Our patented Toolsafe® Fixing Strips managed, for the first time worldwide, to connect an automatic cleaning without cleaning shades, disinfection as well as a safe storage of sensitive instruments with an extremely user-friendly handling.

In combination with the Toolsafe® Wire Baskets they guarantee, as the only product in the market, an automatic cleaning without cleaning shades in the washer-disinfector because of their geometries.

A four times higher loading per cleaning process is possible. That saves water, energy and time without quality defects in the processing.

In combination with the established Sterisafe® DURO sterilization containers you have the ideal processing and storage system for sensitive instruments.