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Tomosynthesis is now available on our Helios tilting table.

Helios DRF can be updated with the Digital Tomosynthesis (DT), a tomographic technique that may offer an alternative to computed tomography (CT) screening, by using a radiographic tube, a flat-panel detector, a computer-controlled tube mover, and special reconstruction algorithms to produce section images. Digital tomosynthesis (DT) is a type of limited-angle tomography whereby about 60 low-dose images are acquired over a limited range of x-ray tube movement. The raw images are used to reconstruct contiguous coronal images through the area of interest. Tomosynthesis evolved from the technique of geometric tomography, which was used extensively prior to the advent of computed tomography (CT) to evaluate, inter alia the lung hila, the kidneys, and the petrous temporal bones. This technique allows the reconstruction of volumetric images starting from a finite number of bi-dimensional projections taken at different tube angles thanks to the separation of the acquisition process from the visualization one. DT boasts several advantages over plain radiography including better lesion detection due to a reduction in anatomical noise or composite artefact, better depth localization, and improved contrast resolution, as well as the associated low radiation dose.