Together into the healthcare market -- MEDICA Trade Fair


BEO MedConsulting BERLIN GmbH

Together into the healthcare market

‘Together into the healthcare market’ is the motto for 2014. BEO BERLIN® enters into alliance with two international consultancies: Biascon srl from Italy and GloriMed Consulting SAS from France.

BEO BERLIN® has been in the field of medical consulting for almost fifteen years. The company continuously improved and updated its services in order to meet customers’ needs. The next step along this road is a more complete international portfolio attained through closer co-operation with our European partners.

Ever since the first meeting at MEDICA 2008, BEO BERLIN® has sustained fruitful collaboration with Biascon srl. Since 2002, Biascon srl is an expert consultancy for product registration in the Italian market. They consult medical-device producers to get accepted in the Repertorio (Italian Health Aid List) and thereby making their product available for hospital tenders. Their consultants are also experienced in analysing and implementing quality management and work-environment safety management systems. Additionally, they hold on-site trainings and seminars on these topics.

Recently, BEO BERLIN® also started co-operation with GloriMed Consulting SAS, whose consultants have long-term backgrounds in the medical industry. This qualifies them to assist producers with their LPPR-registration (Liste des Produits et Prestations Remboursable – French Health Aid List) and with their respective product-reimbursement, in France. Their expertise and resources position them to assist manufacturers and distributors with commercial strategy development for Europe, and France in particular.

Mr Vent, CEO, says “We stand for high-quality services and customer-oriented solutions”. On this premise, BEO BERLIN® has entered into alliance with Biascon srl and GloriMed Consulting SAS. Accordingly, BEO’s clients can, now, also receive first-hand high-quality advisory services on the German, Italian and French medical market.