Thought Technology is pleased to announce the official release of NEW BioGraph Infiniti version 4.0. -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


Thought Technology

Thought Technology is pleased to announce the official release of NEW BioGraph Infiniti version 4.0.

Official Release

Thought Technology is pleased to announce the official release of NEW BioGraph Infiniti version 4.0.

BioGraph Infiniti version 4.0 is compatible with Windows Vista, and comes with over 100 exciting new features and new functions (click here to download the new feature document).
The upgrade cost is US$150. If bundled with the purchase of one EEG Suite or Physiology Suite, it will only be $50. Please contact us or a local authorized dealers about your upgrade options.

Major new features of 4.0 version:

• Z-score neurofeedback (5 new screens added to the EEG Suite)
• Dual Threshold Feedback (useful for coherence, phase, Z-score, etc.)
• Built-in Programmable Respiration Pacer (6 new screens added to the Physiology Suite)
• Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Resonant Frequency Detection (6 new screens added to the Physiology Suite)
• Pulse transit time feedback (delay between EKG R-spike and finger pulse) (3 new screens)

The basic software functions for Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP), Evoked and Event-Related Potentials (EP/ERP), Reaction Time Testing and Joint Time Frequency Analysis (JTFA) are also be available with 4.0 version. However, the specialized application Suites are still under development, and are expected to be released in 2008.

Some of over 100 new features:

• Quick Toggle for Feedback Conditions (up or down training)
• Enhanced DVD Feedback Settings
• Smoothing on Screen Instruments
• New Connection Instrument (for 3rd party games or network based multimedia applications)
• Improved Percentage Instrument (automatic threshold)
• True Dual Monitor Support (with control of client monitor from clinician’s monitor on-the-fly)
• Session Replay: replay at 2X, 4X or 8X speed or jump to specific time, activity or event marker.
• New Reporting Functions:
o Compatible with Robert Thatcher's NeuroGuide EEG software.
o Trend Graph instrument enhancements
o Printouts of impedance measures
o Pre-defined event marker labels can be printed
o A table of cut-off frequencies can be included in report
• New Algorithms:
o JTFA: Joint Time Frequency Analysis (Gabor and Adaptive Spectrograms)
o EEG Phase and Amplitude Asymmetry added to the connectivity measures (Coherence)
o HRV related calculations: NN50 & pNN50, etc.
o New epoch settings for computation of percentage of baseline or percentage of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC), etc.
o Area under the curve statistics
• New Audio Feedback Options:
o Binaural Beats
o Improved MIDI Tone Feedback Options
o Volume Level Feedback
o More Alarm Modes
• Expanded “Edit Virtual Channel” Options (useful for DVD and in-session trend)
• Copy and Paste of Screen Instruments
• A script can be linked to an Excel report file
• Hiding script screens from the screen list of Open Display session
• More Shortcut Keys

Please contact us or visit our website for know more details about the exciting new features of BioGraph Infiniti 4.0.

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