Thought Technology is excited to launch the new PHYSIOLOGY Suite Supported by Online Workshops!!! -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


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Thought Technology is excited to launch the new PHYSIOLOGY Suite Supported by Online Workshops!!!

Thought Technology is excited to launch the new PHYSIOLOGY Suite Supported by Online Workshops!!!

Register for an Online Course ($US250) and SAVE 50% on the PHYSIOLOGY Suite

The New PHYSIOLOGY Suite is the result of two years of extensive research by dozens of clinicians & software specialists.

Features of the PHYSIOLOGY Suite:
• Simple feedback screens with auto or manual thresholds
• Real-time epoch statistics for instant trend graphing
• A full range of heart rate variability training screens
• Single and dual-monitor display screens
• A skin-conductance driven relaxation script with audio induction track

What tasks can I achieve with it?

The PHYSIOLOGY Suite is designed to include all the clinical tools for:
• Verifying signal quality (sensor placement)
• Monitoring and assessing physiological functions
• Performing biofeedback sessions (training)
• Reviewing recorded data for the purpose of artifact rejection
• Generating session reports

You can accomplish three essential clinical tasks:
• Assessments: Evaluate the current state of a client’s physiological processes by running the 7-activity Stress Assessment.
• Training: Teach the client new self regulation strategies through biofeedback by recording open display sessions with one to five Training screens or running a Training script.
• Follow-ups: Perform regular evaluations of a client’s progress by running regular pre- and post- baseline scripts and generating trend reports. Trend reports give a quick overview of a client’s outcome and rapidly demonstrate the learning curve.

What’s in the Suite? (Contents)

• About 160 screens for each encoder types (varies) for open display sessions
• Pre-training and post-training assessment scripts
• A 7 activity stress assessment script available in 1 or 2 monitor configuration (For all encoder types except P2)
• 10 training scripts that take the client through 10 trials (User defined trial duration) and can be used for generating “within session” trend reports
• A training script for relaxation using skin conductance that plays the GSR 2 relaxation tape (digitized and included as an MP3 file)
• 13 channel sets for PI, P+, P5 & P2 with 2 to 5 channel sets per encoder type
• 16 animations, 10 MP3 songs & sound effects, 12 MIDI songs
• Surface EMG: Display screens for one or two channels of EMG. The screens can be used for learning relaxation, stress control and help teach awareness of head, neck and low back muscle tension or to train voluntary relaxation of specific muscle groups.
Note: EMG uses MyoScan-Pro sensor only and is only used for relaxation – not for rehabilitation.
• Skin Conductance: The skin conductance display screens can be used to help develop an awareness of learned stress responses and teach basic self-regulation skills.
• Temperature: The temperature biofeedback screens are used to train for increasing peripheral temperature and for controlling unconscious stress responses.
• Respiration: These screens show one or two channels of respiration and can be used for abdominal and (optionally) thoracic breathing training. Slow deep abdominal breathing helps with relaxation and can be used for lowering heart rate.
• HRV: Heart rate variability training screens monitor respiration and heart rate using a blood volume pulse (BVP) or an EKG sensor, and are useful for respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) training, or to expand the adaptive range of the cardio-vascular system (by increasing variability).
• Multi-modality and Physiological profile: Use these display screens when you need to work with more than one physiological signal.

To ensure that you take full advantage of the functions and features of the new suite, we encourage you to register for a Thought Technology Online Course.

Benefits of Online Training:
• Accredited by BCIA to fulfill continuing education requirements for recertification.
• Requires only four 1.5 hour session over 2 weeks.
• No travel expense, learn from the comfort of your home or office while you observe the instructor’s screen over the internet.
• Qualified instructors specializing in Neurofeedback or Peripheral Biofeedback
• Limited number (max. 4) of participants providing a hands-on training experience.
• Adaptation of course lessons to your individual needs
• Extensive technical assistance throughout the course

Online Training is only $250 for the equivalent of a 1-day workshop with a total of 6-hours of instruction.

Offer expires Dec. 31, 2007

For more information, please visit To register, please contact and mention the promotion code to:

Pauline McCallan
514-489-8251, ext 135
1-800-361-3651, ext 135