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Thought Technology Ltd.

Thought Technology Ltd. Sponsors Canadian Gold Medal Speed Skater


World’s leading biofeedback equipment company, Thought Technology Ltd., announces  a two-year sponsorship of Canadian Gold Medal Speed Skater Olivier Jean.   Olivier Jean will be the face of  Thought Technology’s  Peak Performance  division.

Olivier Jean who won a Gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, used the company’s ProComp Infiniti psychophysiology system as part of his training program with Dr. Pierre Beauchamp, the mental conditioning coach for Speed Skating Canada. As an ambassador for the brand, Olivier will make guest appearances at events and will share thoughts, pictures and videos as he prepares to compete in the Sochi 2014 Winter Games.

Thought Technology Vice President and co-founder Lawrence Klein said, “I am both proud and honored to partner with Olivier in his pursuit for the gold. We first met in 2009 and what struck me the most about him was his positive attitude. He was recovering from a severed Achilles tendon and could not skate for a year. That was one of his biggest motivations to do mental training. He told me when he finally came back on the ice he immediately started winning races. It was as if he did not miss a beat because he trained mentally so consistently.”


When asked how biofeedback has helped his training, Olivier explained, "Instructions from my coaches and sports psychologist helped me learn. Biofeedback taught me to know what top performance feels like and to reproduce it at the right time, every time. Short Track speed skating was so fortunate to have Thought Technology in our home town. Pierre has used their instrumentation for decades, in a wide range of sports, so he could really tailor it to our needs.”

Dr Pierre Beauchamp, Olivier’s mental conditioning coach during the 3-year preparation for the Vancouver Games, designed the mental and physiological training protocol, including state of the art reaction time equipment customized for Speed Skate Canada by Thought Technology engineers.  Dr. Beauchamp explained the use of the equipment in the following way: “Our goal is to improve our sprinters ability to get off the line. In the 500 meter short track speed skating it’s very important to get to the first block in the first turn, quickly. Two hundredths of a second in the Olympic games can make the difference between first and third. If we can improve in milliseconds the start of our sprinters, and get to the first block first, the likelihood that they can hold that s precise measurements allow the athletes to gain confidence when they see improvement.”

About Thought Technology Ltd.

Founded in 1975, Thought Technology is the world's leading biofeedback and physiological instrument manufacturer. Its products are used as an essential part of many therapeutic treatments and clinical assessment protocols in over 85 countries and are used by tens of thousands of clinicians in thousands of medical institutions. Each year, it puts together over 100 clinical workshops, taught by world authorities in their fields.

Thought Technology has a rich history in sports and peak performance. Its instrumentation has been used by the Coaching Association of Canada to train over 900 Olympic coaches. Elite Sport Psychologists, Dr. Vietta Sue Wilson, Dr. Cal Botterill and Jack Donahue, Coach of the Men's Olympic Basketball Team shared their insight, skills and knowledge, teaching coaches how to incorporate mental training into over a hundred sports. Thought Technology’s arrival on the world stage working with Olympians has led to the use of its products by elite Football Teams like AC Milan and top NHL and NFL Teams. Always supportive of new research and development ideas, Thought Technology Ltd. continues to encourage special interest groups and clinicians to create cutting edge applications for its instrumentation. 



Thought Technology Ltd.

Dr. Hal K. Myers - President
Lawrence Klein - Vice President