Thought Technology

Thought Technology Launches New Voltage Isolator 4∞ Isokinetic Dynamometer Interface

MONTREAL, CANADA, Sept, 2010 –Thought Technology, the world’s leading Biofeedback and Psychophysiological instrument manufacturer launched its new “Voltage Isolator 4 Infiniti” Isokinetic Dynamometer Interface.

The Voltage Isolator 4∞ (VI) is an interface device which provides electrical isolation.
It allows Thought Technology’s systems (sensors + encoder + software on computer – BioGraph or BioExport) to be safely interfaced with analog outputs of line-powered systems, such as computers with DAC cards, Isokinetic Dynamometers, or Force Platforms.

Thought Technology also provides off-the-shelf solutions for: Biodex System 3 & 4, CMSI Humac Norm, Cybex Norm, Con-Trex, LimbGym and BTE interfacing isokinetic machines to our Infiniti systems. Real-time physiology monitoring (such as SEMG, heart rate and respiration) is an important asset to the data provided by the isokinetic machine (position, torque and velocity). It provides the examiner physiological data to validate the effectiveness of the training and helps the examinee to modify their physiology (breathing patterns, muscle activation patterns…) in real time during the training.

Regarding SEMG, it allows the evaluation of the activity of muscles or muscle groups during the movement (contraction intensity, timing, sequence of firing and local muscle fatigue) and to correlate them to the phases of the exercise (isometric, isokinetic, isotonic, concentric or eccentric). SEMG biofeedback motivates the patient to play an active role in the rehabilitation process.