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Thought Technology

Thought Technology Launches New ProComp5 Infiniti Computerized Biofeedback and Data Acquisition System

MONTREAL, CANADA, March 1, 2007 – Thought Technology, the world’s leading biofeedback and psycho-physiological instrument manufacturer today launched its
ProComp5 Infiniti™.

This new multi-modality encoder joins the firm’s 8 channel ProComp Infiniti, the 10 channel FlexComp Infiniti and the 2 channel ProComp2 professional units.

“The new equipment combines the power and flexibility for real-time, computerized biofeedback and data acquisition in any clinical settings,” says Lawrence Klein, V.P. of
Thought Technology.

ProComp5 Infiniti™ is housed in an ergonomically designed case and requires only a USB port to connect to any IBM compatible PC. ProComp5 Infiniti™ has the identical inputs as ProComp Infiniti, but omits the last 3 channels. The first two sensor channels provide ultimate signal fidelity (2048 samples per second) for viewing raw EEG, SEMG, EKG and HR/BVP signals, while the remaining 3 channels sample data at 256 samples/second for EEG, RMS EMG and slower signals such as Respiration, Temperature, Force, etc. Not only can ProComp5 Infiniti™ capture data in real time by connecting directly to the PC via its fiber-optic cable, but it can also store data on a Compact Flash memory card for uploading later to the PC, or use optional long-range compact flash bluetooth module telemetry anytime it is desirable.

Unlike competitive equipment, all channels can be used with any combination of sensors, including EEG, EKG, RMS SEMG, Skin Conductance, Temperature, Blood Volume Pulse, Respiration, Goniometer, Force, Inclinometer, Torsiometer and Voltage Input.

Considered the “future of biofeedback” ProComp Infinitisystems are utilized by more than one hundred medical specialty professions. Applications include:
 Psychologists and psychiatrists performing stress profiles, and those using EEG biofeedback to enhance performance.
 Cardiologists assessing and training Heart Rate Variability to optimize patient health.
 Physical therapists, ergonomists and dentists evaluating muscle activity, to both monitor and train their clients to optimize their muscles’ performance.
 Sports scientists, sports psychologists and coaches using our systems for over two decades to balance muscles, detect fatigue and as an essential component to teach visualization for peak performance.

Thought Technology Ltd. is the world leader in biofeedback and psycho-physiological instrument manufacturing. Founded in 1974, and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company has a solid network of over 150 distributors and dealers in 50 countries. Thought Technology has sold more than half a million instruments worldwide. To learn about “Technology for Better Health” and the ProComp Infiniti product line as well as related workshops. Please visit:

CONTACT: Lawrence Klein, Vice-President
(514) 489-8251 or 1-800-361-3651