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Thought Technology Ltd.

Thought Technology Launches Mobile Device for Self-Regulation

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Thought Technology, Ltd. is proud to announce the release of its eVu TPS® mobile medical device allowing health practitioners to extend biofeedback training outside the clinic and into the home, thereby enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of office training.
The eVu TPS® sensor is an innovative tool that relays the user’s biometric data to the eVu® Senz companion app on an Android smartphone or tablet. The small, portable nature of the device makes it ideal to be loaned or prescribed to clients for training at home or at work. The easy to apply sensor rests on the user’s finger, fastened by an adjustable strap, while the app provides accurate and immediate feedback on stress, focus, relaxation and recovery.

According to Lawrence Klein, Thought Technology’s Board of Director, "Regardless of what type of clientele you treat in your practice, the goal is to provide the tools to better cope with the daily stresses in their lives - whether that means feeling less anxious prior to an exam or mentally preparing to compete in a sport. The eVu TPS® is simple to use and if you have five minutes to spare, you have enough time to practice self-regulation at home." However, he warns not to be deceived by the simple elegance of the design. "First and foremost, the TPS sensor is a robust medical device that accurately monitors three well researched modalities of psychophysiological stress: heart rate variability, skin conductance and skin temperature."
“It’s the first device that I’ve seen that integrates three different physiological signals into one training device, with nice feedback that a lay person can follow. I’m excited - I look forward to using it with students and patients in the future.” said Donald Moss, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, at Saybrook University.

Breathing to de-stress, calm the body, focus the mind, relax and recover have never before been clearer than with the eVu Senz app. Not only does it guide the user with a breathing pacer, it also scores the body’s response to the breathing exercise allowing the user, as well as the clinician, to track progress over time.

"To the best of my knowledge, there is no comparable product either in terms of accuracy or the number of modalities that are monitored that are available in this market niche. I am excited about its potential for increasing the power of what clinicians and optimal performance coaches can achieve with the client." Commented Fred Shaffer, Ph.D. psychologist, and professor of Psychology and former Department Chair at Truman State University.

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