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Thornhill Research to Unveil the First Portable Treatment Device for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

TORONTO, Canada, November 9, 2009 – Thornhill Research, a Canadian medical device research, development and manufacturing company will unveil the ClearMate™ next week in Dusseldorf at the 2009 MEDICA World Forum. The ClearMate™ device safely hyperventilates patients with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning which causes the rapid elimination of the deadly gas from their bodies. The ClearMate™ weighs only six kilograms, uses no electrical power and has a robust casing. This makes it ideal for use onsite in emergency medical situations post-rescue.

Thousands of people die each year from lethal levels of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning around the world. The long term effects of frequent and untreated poisonings with the same gas are being studied but are still unknown. The ClearMate™ represents the first major treatment advancement in the field in decades, if not a century.

The ClearMate™ has an additional medical application - the rapid wash-out of some anesthetic agents from patients immediately after surgery. Faster wash-out of anesthetic agents will mean fewer side-effects from general anesthesia and quicker turnover rates in expensive post-operative recovery rooms.

Thornhill Research plans to have the ClearMate™ available for sale in Europe early in 2010. A demonstration unit will be on display in Hall 16 at booth 42 in the Canadian pavilion through the MEDICA 2009 World Forum in Dusseldorf, Germany.

About Thornhill Research Inc.
Thornhill Research Inc. is a ISO13485:2003 and FDA registered medical device company. The core area of scientific and bio-technical strength of TRI is the control of gas concentrations in the lungs and the blood stream. This has been used to predict and manage stroke, improve cardiac diagnosis and treatment, treat carbon monoxide poisoning, wake patients up from anesthesia faster and more safely, develop solutions to prevent the spread of airborne infections like Flu and SARS, significantly improve oxygen delivery and ventilation for military, transport, emergency and mass casualty medicine.

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