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Greiner Bio-One GmbH

ThinCert Plate optimises tissue reconstruction

Greiner Bio-One, internationally leading technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, is bringing an innovative cell culture plate to market which makes the procedure for tissue reconstruction in vitro more efficient: The ThinCert™Plate is optimised for use with air-lift cultures and holds a substantially greater volume of cell culture medium than previous cell culture plates. Laboratories that use this new technology, with the matching ThinCert™ cell culture inserts, can substantially reduce the time and costs associated with manually changing medium.

The in vitro reconstruction of tissues is a central element for establishing alternative methods to animal experimentation and demands highly specialised, efficient procedures. For one of these procedures, the so-called air-lift culture, Greiner Bio-One now offers, the possibility to organise processes to be more time efficient and thereby less costly. Air-lift culture is necessary for the in vitro reconstruction of numerous tissues, including for example the skin, the cornea and respiratory epithelium. Air-lift culture allows that the cells differentiate at the interface between the cell culture medium and the incubator atmosphere, and therefore it is usually carried out in cell culture inserts with a porous membrane. Conventional cell culture plates, however, offer only limited volumes for the cell culture media required. Owing to the rapid consumption of the nutrients, frequent changes of the medium are necessary, making the procedure time- and labour-intensive.
With the ThinCert™Plate Greiner Bio-One provides an innovative solution for air-lift-culture: The wells of the ThinCert™Plate are deeper as compared to conventional cell culture plates. Therefore, the plate can hold a greater volume of cell culture medium, and may supply the air-lift cultures with medium for a longer time. The number of changes of medium, and concomitantly the associated manual effort, are substantially reduced. The new ThinCert™Plate is optimised for use with ThinCert™ cell culture inserts from Greiner Bio-One.