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WeWoThom GmbH

Therapy against pain and the reason of the pain without Drug Side Effect

WeWoThom Premium

High-Tone Frequency Therapy advanced. Mobile, easy and economic. Indications Menstrual pains, Pain in the joint and in the back (arthrosis)

The long-term use of analgesics often leads to undesirable or harmful side effects. According to a recent study by the University of Bern in Switzerland these side effects can be even cardiac or cerebral infarction and lead to death in those affected. Thus, treatment methods are sought that work without these side effects.

The WeWoThom GmbH developed a handle to the patients themselves against medical miniature back and joint pain, muscle tension and menstrual cramps.

This solution - WeWoThom Premium - is easy to handle for everyone and also has a number of advantages. Perhaps the most significant is the low cost for the user.

With WeWoThom premium may include pain and its causes with treble frequency therapy in almost any situation, be it at work, on the road or at night, can be combated successfully.

In present times, the tense situation in healthcare costs, patients choose carefully from solutions that avoid unwanted drug side effects and reduce copayments. Patients prefer self-treatment at a low price in a pleasant atmosphere at home or just go.
Compared with the time-consuming visits to doctors' offices, the treatment does not affect the normal daily routine.
Thus, the young Resident company is the latest trend of patients' wishes and market interest.

After the actually release of the device the patient has even more advantages. Battery replacement is now easily possible. 84.5% cost saving. Recent advancements and cost savings to the user leading to a significant increase in applications, and we hope to reduce the drug revenues not only for the next marathon.