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The world of sports medicine and physiotherapy

Bild: RockTape; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Distinct, jarring, colorful - RockTape actually supported Olympic athletes this year. If required, this tape can be customized with individual logos. It is used in pain management, false posture treatment and helps you with swellings. Its fabric is extra tight, it adheres strongly, is skin-friendly and stays on for about five to seven days.

Hall 4, Stand K60
Bild: Pedalo Stabilisator Prof; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Train your muscles and your coordination with the Pedalo Stabilisator Prof made by Sport-Thieme. You can also use this device to train your balance. Four springs control the oscillation properties. Aim of the game is to let the user find an individual balance. If you remove the top disk you can perform special ski exercises.

Hall 5, Stand P40
Bild: Leg Extension/Curl; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
HUR Deutschland GmbH presents a very special device – not made for the ordinary gym, but for physiotherapy. The Leg Extension/Curl trains your leg muscles by using both stretch and flex movements. Ordinary training gear only lets you train both legs using one counterweight. This device allows you to exercise each leg individually and lets you use different weights per leg. It is controlled by a transponder that also saves all individual settings and training data.

Hall 5, Stand K29
Bild: Hydro Physio; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Physiotherapy and fun are not contradictory. Hydro Physio does not only help and train patients, but can also be used by athletes. It will reduce pain and aid weight reduction. An alternative use is within further therapy of stroke patients and patients that need to rebuild muscle mass.

Hall 5, Stand H37

Bild: Aqua Pull Press; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Rehabilitation and fitness training are uses for the Aqua Pull Press of Aquaback Training. It is used in post-stroke therapy. Practice in water lets the user gain stability and safety. An air-filled cylinder is used to set three resistance levels. Conditional indication in a training therapy shortens the rehabilitation process.

Hall 5, Stand H31
Bild: Aqualizer; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Just lay down and relax – there is nothing more to do: Japanese Minato’s Aqualizer massages joints and muscles by the means of water jets. The user simply rests inside the device. A body measurement is done automatically and an individual massaging program is set. Containing 200 liters and working the spine the Aqualizer can be used in rehabilitation therapy.

Hall 5, Stand K40
Bild: Korkprodukte; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Airex and softX joined to sell a handcrafted natural product. Cork made rolls and balls train the fascia. The user just needs to simply lie down and move the body. The spheres also can be used to massage muscles. Made just of natural bark this product is especially sustainable.

Hall 4, Stand K58
Bild: Exos ; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
A broken arm nowadays will rarely be treated using a cast. DJO Global makes "Exos" that are customized and re-adjustable. Just put the splint into an oven and it will adapt to the individual body form. The thermoplastic is intrinsically antibacterial. Tennis players do use it to support their wrists.

Hall 4, Stand G40
Bild: Band mit Loops; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Training with the Theraband left users often asking themselves: How do I hold this thing correctly? Artzt developed a band that is in loops. Use these loops to put your feet in and the band will stay on the ground while the rest of it is easier to tackle during a workout. It contains no latex and is used in fitness training and therapy.

Hall 4, Stand G37
Bild: Kinapsys; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
At the stand of RM Ingenerie muscles and joints can be trained playfully. A premier rehab-gaming software motivates patients to move by letting them pop balloons on a screen. A unique feature is Kinect feedback. This can be used to prevent false postures.

Hall 4, Stand H26B
Bild: Ice Power; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
You can apply the cooling gel Gel Ice Power made by Fysioline by using a little roller. It will directly penetrate the skin. No need to massage it in. It will relieve pain and inflammations promptly and effectively. You can also use it in sports to treat muscle strains and swellings.

Hall 4, Stand J39
Bild: Posturomed; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Posturomed made by Haider Bioswing is made for prevention therapy. Its footprint is hung up in a double-swing joint which makes it oscillate in different modes. Movements will be painless and efficient.

Hall 4, Stand G63