The winning app from the MEDICA App COMPETITION 2016 helps you maintain correct posture

Picture: The MEDICA App COMPETITION is a well established show part of the MEDICA.


A perennial highlight of MEDICA, the world’s leading medical trade fair, is the MEDICA App COMPETITION. Development teams from all over the world compete in a challenge to create the “Best Medical Mobile Solution”. This year, the victor was “Up Right”, a combination of an app and a wearable from a development team from Israel. This application helps to optimize posture and stimulates movement. It vibrates on the user’s back as soon as they sit in a slouched position. Adam Raz, Head of Sales, reported this from the MEDICA App COMPETITION 2016 on Wednesday 16 November (MEDICA 2016 ran between 14 - 17 November). In his three-minute presentation, he persuaded the jury so convincingly that his application was awarded first place.

The wearable comprises an accelerometer and numerous sensors in order to ensure optimal efficacy. The app uses the values produced to create a personal training programme and motivates the user by displaying their training success. The start-up is already very advanced and sells the application online to individuals, and users have already given a huge amount of positive feedback in online shops. SAP and Siemens collected positive experiences for company health management in a first test and according to Raz, clinical trials are being conducted.

Biop Medical was awarded second place for its innovative point-of-care testing device for the early diagnosis of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the most frequently occurring malignant tumours in women worldwide. The test is based on the notion that the characteristics of healthy and diseased tissue can be distinguished from each other optically and via the use of an automated system. An optical device is used to view the cervix. The data are then analysed in the IBM cloud using a special algorithm. The result is produced within minutes. This solution shall receive its first authorization for use for the USA in 2017.

The app that won third place is from Tytocare and offers a telemedicine solution that enables virtual doctor’s visits and fairly comprehensive medical examinations to be carried out anywhere at any time. This also extends far further than the app itself. With the aid of associated hardware, cardiac and lung function, skin, temperature, throat and nose examinations can be carried out. For this purpose, the devices are used directly on the patient, and even laymen check whether this has been done correctly. The Tyto Stethoscope has already received FDA approval, and the other devices are compliant with FDA requirements.

Ultimately, many of the apps in the MEDICA App COMPETITION 2016 aimed to either support health-conscious behaviour in users or to facilitate better communication between doctors and patients as well as between professional actors in the treatment sector. Each team had three minutes to present their mobile solution in English. They were also given an extra minute which the jury used to ask them questions on their presentations. All our winners were delighted by their prizes of 2,000 euros, 1,000 euros and 500 euros, respectively. However, the boost in reputation that comes with winning a prize is probably worth even more than this. Indeed, it has already been confirmed that the victors, “UpRight”, are able to take part in the Philips Health Innovation Port (HIP) in the spring of 2017.

Furthermore, we eagerly anticipate the MEDICA App COMPETITION 2017, where we will see whether another nation’s teams will be able to knock Israel off the top spot. This year’s three winning apps all came from Israeli developers.

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