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TRUMPF KREUZER Medizin Systeme GmbH + Co. KG

The sharpest eye in the OR: Live Images from the OR for the First Time in HD Quality from an OR Light Camera

TruVidia HD: high-definition standard in an OR light

TRUMPF will present the world’s first OR light camera in high-definition quality (HD) at Medica 2007. The TruVidia HD supports efficient, interdisciplinary work with sharp and lifelike images in real-time.

With 1,080 lines of resolution and two million pixels, the TruVidia HD transmits live images and videos from the OR that are about five times sharper than a PAL system. The optical transmission path via fibre-optic cable ensures that the image and video signals arrive even over long distances without interference or loss of quality and cannot be tapped. Even in wide-screen and on large displays, the images transmitted do not lose clarity. This makes additional, expensive image enhancers unnecessary. The digital patient record also increases in quality because both still pictures and entire video sequences can be stored on a USB memory stick and sent to doctors performing further treatment. They can be informed quickly and efficiently about diagnosis and therapies. The patient is saved unnecessary travel and additional examinations. The new HD camera integrates easily into the digital infrastructure of centrally controlled ORs and supplemental images of endoscopic procedures can also be done in HD quality.

Surgeons are increasingly consulting colleagues around the world for error-free diagnoses. Live images from the OR therefore are being sent over greater distances and must arrive at the destination clear and true-to-detail. This is the only way well-founded second opinions for the well-being of the patient are possible. With the modern HD standard, this digital image transmission is no problem. The camera must replace the eyes of the consulted surgeon and transmit images to him or her as though he or she were present in the operating room. A prerequisite for this is that the media used transmit high-quality, precise images that appear three dimensional of the occurrences in the OR. Live recordings are also being sent more and more often from the OR directly into seminar rooms and auditoriums for purposes of education and training. There as well, they must arrive as sharp and detailed as possible, even on large displays and screens.

Hygiene and efficiency play a crucial role in the OR. Both are supported by the TruVidia HD, which is integrated into the sterile operating concept of the iLED. Built into the sterile handle, it is always automatically positioned with the lamp for the best view of the operating field. In addition, anyone in the OR team can control all lighting and the most important camera functions on the sterile operating panel of the iLED – a savings in personnel (with attendant sterilisation issues) as well as time and money. The open architecture of the system allows you to set up any number of interfaces for the camera in the operating rooms. In addition it can be used regardless of the operating room and can be added at any time. The camera is also available without iLED on a separate carrier system, also with sterile handle and the same interfaces as in the lamp. You can choose between Standard TruVidia (SD) and TruVidia HD on the same iLED.