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The new maXium® smart line

Innovative ideas that make the difference!

Our latest innovation in high-frequency surgical instruments is getting everybody excited!

maXium® smart C combines the tried-and-tested maXium® operating philosophy with state-of-the-art touchscreen technology.

For this purpose the maXium® smart C is available with three different socket modules for a wide range of different surgical applications. The clear horizontal assignment of the 3 outputs and the constant display of all relevant parameters on the display make the unit very simple to operate. Any of the settings you change can be easily saved in the user-specific programs and then called up again whenever they are required. Up to 50 memory slots are available for this.

  • High performance reserves in all situations

  • Strong effect even at low power

  • Easy to change program from the sterile area

  • Highest safety levels thanks to the innovative neutral electrode monitoring feature

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