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The new face of the AT4 Tourniquet – brighter, clearer and larger display

Anetic Aid Tourniquets and Accessories

Always working to upgrade equipment with new technologies as they become available, the fascia panel of Anetic Aid’s AT4 Electronic Tourniquet System now features OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology to give a brighter display – and enlarged figures on the face to make it even clearer and easier to read.

Ideal for single or bi-lateral orthopaedic surgery and pain management, the tourniquet is both state-of-the-art and easy to use – but that is only part of the story as we also offer a range of accessories.

We offer traditional, re-usable tourniquet cuffs – our Classic range - which are available in a variety of sizes from paediatric to extra large adult leg.

And then we also have Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs - an ideal alternative to re-usable cuffs, offering reduced risk of cross infection. Guaranteed for six uses, they are cost effective enough to dispose of as a single use item.

• Light weight and latex free

• Slim, low profile design

• Secure fastenings that eliminate roll or twist

Our range also includes Toe-niquetsTM for surgery involving fingers and toes – and the Rhys Davies Exsanguinator.