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The new Trimano 3D arm support acts as a "third hand" for all surgeons

Rastatt/Germany, August 2010. With the new Trimano 3D support arm, Maquet, the workflow specialists, are able to further expand their already extensive product portfolio in the field of assist systems and OR accessories. The assist system is deployed as a “third hand” for the surgeon, in orthopaedics and traumatology. It has been specially developed for operations to the shoulder and upper arm area.

Trimano improves the workflow
The support arm includes a sterile arm rest and adapter and is used to locate and hold the patient’s arm securely in the required position throughout the operation. The unrestricted manoeuvrability of the Trimano, rapid and accurate repositioning can be carried out at any time during the operation. The patient’s arm can also be lifted off the support and moved freely, in order to monitor the results of the operation. “Deploying the support arm brings about a significant improvement in the work process. Thanks to the secure, fixed site of the operation, the work can be completed more easily and it takes less time, allowing us to concentrate 100% on our core tasks”, commented Dr. Stefan Studier-Fischer, Senior Physician in the Department for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the Berufsgenossenschaftlichen Unfallklinik in Ludwigshafen. “It also means that the Assistant Physician, who would normally hold the patient’s arm and move it to the required positions during the operation, can take on more demanding tasks”. With smaller-scale operations, the support arm allows the surgeon to be able to compensate for any staff shortages more effectively.

The initial preparation for the positioning of the patient’s arm can be made in the induction room. The arm is positioned on the support arm and an arm pad.
Then, in the operating theatre, the patient’s arm is simply transferred from the arm pad onto the sterile arm rest. An adapter that was developed in parallel, makes it easy to mount the arm rest into place. It connects the arm rest with the support arm resulting in greater handling and control for the user. Being able to optimise changeover times by preparing the patient in advance, contributes to the more efficient utilisation of OR capacity and increases patient throughput accordingly.

Increased ergonomics and safety
An ergonomic body posture and a stable position are essential basics for the surgical team and both of these requirements are fulfilled by the deployment of the Trimano support arm. A contributing factor is that the device can be operated independently of power and compressed air. Therefore no allowances have to be made for cable or hose connections. Fast and safe intraoperative modification of the arm position is made thanks to the “Click and Move” locking mechanism. Deployment of the support arm provides an additional benefit in respect of radiation hygiene: Due of the pinpoint accuracy of the arm positioning, the assistant can move out of the area exposed to X-ray radiation.

An assist system for all OR tables
The Trimano 3D support arm can simply be fixed to the OR table’s accessory rail. As well as using it with Maquet OR tables, this also means that it can be used with OR tables from other manufacturers, giving the hospital more flexible deployment options.