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The new LTS-D – safe in routine and emergency

Pictures of the New LTS-D

Nothing is more fundamental to the practice of general anesthesia than the maintenance of a clear upper airway.

The Laryngeal Tube is used as an alternative for mask ventilation or as a non-invasive and atraumatic device for airway management in case of failed or unnecessary endotracheal intubation.

Introduced in 1999 the Laryngeal Tube has become an important part of the prehospital environment. Since first product launch the Laryngeal Tube has been continuously developed and clinically adjusted to ensure best possible patient safety.

This leads to more than 16 million clinical insertions of the Laryngeal Tube in 97 countries.

VBM is bringing on the market a new range of single use Laryngeal Tube with gastric access: The new LTS-D

As a second generation supraglottic airway device, the new LTS-D is complying with the latest recommendation of the international guidelines. It incorporates a ventilation tube as well as a drain tube and allows control of both airway and gastric tracts. It is free from phthalates, does not contain latex and is supplied sterile for single use.

The design of the new LTS-D is based on clinical studies and user’s feedback and is incorporating many improved features.

  • New ventilation section for optimal tidal volumes

  • New ramp for ease of insertion and free space in hypopharynx

  • New cuffs for effective sealing at low pressure (<60cmH2O)

  • New curvature and softer material for successful insertion in difficult scenario

  • Large gastric access channel (up to 18 Fr) to prevent risk of regurgitation and aspiration

  • Available in all sizes for all types of patients

The new LTS-D convinces by its intuitive use and short learning curve during training.

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