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The new CS-200 Excellence

Baar, November 2009 Schiller will launch a stress ECG system with BSP’s HyperQ™ analyzer at the MEDICA 2009 international trade fair

Schiller AG, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of cardiopulmonary diagnostics, and BSP Biological Signal Processing
Ltd., a medical device company that develops and markets innovative solutions for noninvasive diagnosis and monitoring of ischemic
heart disease, announced today that they have successfully integrated BSP’s HyperQ™ analyzer in Schiller’s ECG diagnostic system, the CS-200 Excellence. The integrated system will be launched and exhibited at the MEDICA 2009 international trade fair in Düsseldorf,Germany.

The CS-200 Excellence provides highest diagnostic accuracy and sets new standards for the future in electrocardiology. Its extremely high amplitude resolution of 24 bits and sampling frequency of 8000 Hz allow the very accurate detection of ST alterations. The integrated rechargeable battery and printer make the
unit the world›s first autonomous emergency ECG system. With the familiar Schiller interface and intuitive operation via direct keys,
the 12/16-channel electrocardiograph provides optimum prerequisites for highest productivity and efficiency.

The HyperQ™ analyzer is based on a groundbreaking technology for non-invasive diagnosis of ischemic heart disease. Utilizing advanced
signal processing, HyperQ™ extracts and analyzes valuable clinical information from high-resolution ECG signals, providing a novel diagnostic tool with superior accuracy, compared to conventional stress ECG analysis. To date, over 15,000 patients have been tested
using the HyperQ™ analysis, in routine use and in clinical studies with exceptionally promising results.

Schiller plans to install 25 evaluation units of the HyperQ™-enabled CS-200 Excellence in leading cardiology centers in Europe and the US. The evaluation will be followed by world-wide marketing and sales of the integrated system. Dr. Amir Beker, Founder & CEO of BSP, says, Launching the HyperQ™ enabled CS-200 excellence
system marks a significant milestone in the process of implementation and adoption of HyperQ™ analyzer as an essential clinical tool for the practicing cardiologist. We are proud to partner with Schiller in leading a remarkable step forward in the non-invasive diagnosis and management of ischemic heart disease.

About Schiller
Schiller is an independent international manufacturer and supplier of electrocardiographs, long-term ECG and blood pressure recorders, spirometers, medical IT solutions, patient monitors and external defibrillators. The company was founded by Alfred E. Schiller
in 1974. More than 700 employees work for the Schiller group in 28 subsidiaries around the world. Schiller has subsidiaries providing exclusive service centers in 15 countries and representatives in more than 100 countries worldwide.

About BSP
Founded in 2000, BSP is dedicated to providing novel, risk free and highly reliable solutions for the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular
disease. BSP›s proprietary HyperQ™ technology is implemented in cardiac systems that offer accurate, low-cost and risk free cardiac monitoring and allows, for the first time, an effective diagnosis of
ischemic heart disease in broad populations. BSP is a traded company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 2006 (TASE:BSP). The company›s international offices are located in Tel Aviv, Israel and the U.S. offices are in Rockville, Maryland.