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The gentle path to beauty with cosmetic devices from a single source

beautytek avita

For years the name beautytek has already been standing for innovative cosmetic treatment systems. Now beautytek has started the beautytek family in order to meet all needs of beauty and anti aging treatments. All treatments with the beautytek systems are gentle, non-invasive and completely pain-free and they complement one another ideally.

beautytek Premium
The time-tested beautytek Premium is a cosmetic treatment system for body forming. It does not only show remarkable results in breast lifting and tissue tightening on the face, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite, acne, wrinkles, pregnancy stretch marks and scars can also be treated effectively with this device. During the treatment the specialist strives over the selected body zone with a probe and a special electrolyte. While doing so the device continually measures and analyzes the energetic potential of the treated body area and – exactly matching the body´s needs – stimulates certain spots with bioequivalent energy. This brings about an energetic balance in the treated zone, which activates and accelerates the body´s self-reparative powers. Through this method the tissue is tightened and purified. The effectiveness of this method has been evidenced by studies.

beautytek avita
beautytek avita is a painfree and gentle means of removing fat deposits, which cannot be reduced by exercise or diet. beautytek avita uses the new TFR method (Technical Fat Reduction). This method enables selective dissolution of the fat cells with simultaneous protection of the other tissue. With a combination of sound, pressure and resonance waves, an alternation between high and low pressure in quick succession is built up in the fat cells. Due to the quick pressure changes, the fat cell membrane becomes permeable. The advantage of TFR is that not only larger areas, but also small fat depots can be removed for which liposuction would not be suitable. The fat from the fat cells flows into the surrounding tissue and mixes with the tissue fluid. This emulsion as well as the cell fragments of the fat cells are dissipated and excreted by the body´s natural metabolic process.

beautytek light
For years hyaluronic acid preparations have been applied for injecting under wrinkles or for lip enhancement. The low level laser beautytek light now offers the possibility to place the specially developed hyaluronic acid “Pure Hyaluron” in the skin without needles. The treatment takes only about 20 minutes. The skin regains its natural tautness and youthful freshness. beautytek light combines 3 different, empirically developed wavelengths that ensure maximum effectiveness for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid (a polysaccharide) is present as a natural molecule in the body (skin, joints, cartilage, eyes) and contributes to maintaining its youthful functions. The skin´s natural hyaluronic volume continually decreases. After 40 years of age it has decreased to only 50 per cent and at around 60 years of age, to only 10 per cent of the volume in comparison to adolescents. beautytek light can immediately help to fill this lack from the outside.

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