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The foundation laying ceremony of yuwell life science and technology industrial park

The foundation laying ceremony

The successful acquisition in capital market, the unbelievable development of yuwell these years, all destine the company need a larger, more Competitive, more Advanced and more Technology factory.
Actually, yuwell has started the planning of new factory. April 18th, the Official launched. The new yuwell life science and technology industrial park, which invested $500 million, and covers an area of 165 acres, is mainly used for tip manufacturing of homecare medical equipments, medical imaging equipments and surgical instruments.
The day is the 7-year anniversary of yuwell listing. Yuwell, the first listed private medical equipment company in China, now has been the largest homecare medical equipment company.
Yuwellers has realized the dreams of past, we are now dreaming of new dreams for future. The dreams not only belong to yuwell, but also belong to the medical equipment industrial of China. It’s also the mission of yuwell. President & manager Mr. Wu Guangming said at the ceremony.