intermedic Dudzinski Medizintechnik

The first interactive System for online composition of Complete Customized Procedure Packs introduced.

This year at the MEDICA Trade Show in Düsseldorf, Germany, intermedic® presents the first full automatic interactive Web-based site for direct online setting up, inquiry and ordering of Customized Surgical Procedure Pack configurations. The system provides for direct online making up of a Customized Pack Configuration in one and/or more online sessions, if desired. The finally set up Pack can be stored for later amendment or modification. The user receives a PIN code being sent to his registered E-mail address with his first session. Any Pack composition made up in an online session, sent as inquiry to intermedic® and /or ordered at any time is stored in a personal watch list being only accessible to the particular user. At any time the user may amend the content of his existing Customized Pack and have it modified for later future deliveries even in course of a running contract period.
To configure select in your browser: http://www.intermedic.de/html_en/template_check_frei.php?cv=Configurator&language=text_en