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The cordless ECG

ECG, magnetic tracking, Sensor

Modern assistance systems carry out a number of different functions in surgical therapy. SurgiTAIX AG has developed, among other products, the fastest holding arm in the world - the EndoTAIX. This system is used successfully in minimally invasive procedures in endoscopic surgery. This year, SurgiTAIX AG will be presenting the SensoPAL project at the MEDICA 2010.

"Sensor-integrated patient positioning" is the keyword here - the project partner in this scheme, sponsored by the state of NRW, is the Helmholtz Institute of RWTH Aachen University.

The aim of the project is to develop a functional patient positioning system which allows an ECG and the position of instruments or also catheters to be acquired in a contactless manner, for example, before and during surgery. As soon as a patient lies on the positioning area, the vital data are automatically detected. The previously required removal of clothing or the application of measurement electrodes is no longer necessary with SensoPAL. The system is intended to be compatible with different patient positioning and transfer systems. Any interference fields which occur are automatically compensated, for example in the position detection of surgical instruments.. The large number of tubes and cables for instruments and sensors represents a large problem for the treating physician, particularly in emergency medicine. With the "SensoPAL" technology, valuable preparation time - life-saving in some cases - will be able to be saved in future. None of the usual contact electrodes have to be used. This contact less detection of data is more reliable than the currently used technologies and processes allow.