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The benefits of an improved workflow and system stability in radiology

Faced with the challenge of streamlining the workflow, managing documentation and accounting within a single system and ensuring system stability, Merian Iselin Clinic in Basel, Switzerland opted for the Radiology Information System (RIS) from medavis. Only to find that the medavis solution actually had a lot more to offer.

In the two years during which Merian Iselin Clinic has been using the medavis RIS, the users have come to really appreciate some of the features that make their lives so much easier. Dr. med. Thomas Egelhof, chief physician of the Radiology Institute, is full of praise for the RIS, which he says is "very straightforward, simplifies the workflow, has a highly intuitive user interface and generates statistics about our capacity, waiting times and turnover without any problems at all."

The medavis RIS has made life easier for the staff of Merian Iselin Clinic. This has been reflected, for instance, in the significant drop in the number of inquiries from insurers, the reduced pressure on IT support staff and the cut in the time it takes to create reports.

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Innovative, effective, all data at a glance

"It's an absolute first. We've not seen such an elegant solution, which is always part of the screen, from any other vendor", says Christoph Kreutner, Head of Technology at Merian Iselin's Radiology Institute about the use of the DIAGNOSTIC PATIENT CENTER, a medavis RIS function which provides anytime access to a patient's entire history from all the key workstations.