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The battle against cysticercosis



According to WHO estimates neurocysticercosis has become the commonest cause of epilepsy in developing countries. In about 30% of the estimated 50 million people with epilepsy in the world today, the pork worm, Taenia solium is the cause of their epilepsy. The parasite also leads to losses in the food chain value of pork meat and as a result, loss of income. Recently the UN has put T. solium at the head of a list of top-ten foodborne parasites of “greatest global concern”.

apDia has a CE marked ELISA kit for the qualitative and sensitive determination of viable Taenia cysticerci in human and porcine serum samples. Unlike antibody detection, measurement of circulating antigen levels allows differentiation of cysticercosis cases with viable parasites and with antigens levels correlating to the numbers and size of lesions.