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The World's Only: Interactive Leica 3D System For Microscopy

The Leica 3D system is a professional, fully automatic solution for reconstruction, viewing, documentation, reporting, quantitative analysis and 3D measurement of three-dimensional surfaces and useful in all fields of science and technology.

For visualizing and analyzing specimen surfaces with an accuracy that, until recently, was nearly unthinkable, the innovative Leica 3D system now makes the process easier, more effective and more precise. In addition to imaging of surfaces, contact-free quantification of surface parameters such as height differences, roughness, surface areas or volumes is also possible.

The three-dimensional image is created from a stereopair taken by the Leica IC 3D digital stereo camera. The intuitive and user-friendly software controls the Leica IC 3D camera and offers a variety of functions for optimally adjusting the imaging quality of the system to obtain a perfect 3D image. The Leica StereoExplorer software package automatically determines which pixels in the two slightly different images belong together, and calculates the topography of the specimen as a surface model, taking into consideration the parameters of angle and magnification level. The 3D data record thus created serves as the basis for surface and volume analyses.

Optional the high-resolution Leica ASD Auto-Stereoscopic Display System offers real time display of specimens in all three dimensions. Objects appear as concrete and vivid as in real life - no eyewear or other accessories are necessary. The depth of field and colour reproduction correspond to the view through the eyepieces of a stereomicroscope.

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