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Ultraflex Europe by Dirame Ortho

The Uss Knee and Ankle Hinge

Ultraflex Systems are already well known for dynamic hinges used to treat contractures (, and are now introducing two new products:

 The USS knee hinge

The USS knee hinge is used for patients with quadriceps deficits, who either have no or only limited control over the stability of their knee.
As there are considerable disadvantages to knee hinges with locks (180°), including discomfort, the USS knee hinge has an optimal design:
It offers immobilisation (in 180°), a partially free, gradually adjustable swing phase up to 30° flexion depending on the patient’s activity level, shock absorption on heel contact, dynamic swing, manual unlocking (in order to sit down) and fall prevention when standing upright again.
The USS knee hinge is not only suitable for use as a definitive orthesis, but it is also highly suitable for use during rehabilitation (for instance, CVA).

 The USS ankle hinge

The USS ankle hinge is the only hinge on the market with both a dorsiflexion, as well as plantar flexion stop, which also allows adjustments to be made to the resistance for heel and toe off.
This is the only way to approximate an as natural as possible gait.
This feature which has been possible for many years with prostheses is now also available with ortheses.

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