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The University Hospital of Aachen chooses LORENZO

The University Hospital of Aachen (Universitätsklinikum Aachen - UKA) and iSOFT have signed a Global Innovation Partnership Agreement. Under this agreement they will join forces with other selected healthcare organisations to implement specific requirements of healthcare IT for the German market. iSOFT has thus gained a University hospital of internationally acknowledged excellence as a key global innovation partner.
Following an intensive evaluation process and product presentations to representatives of the University hospitals and the Ministry for Science and Research of the State of North Rhine Westphalia, the UKA managers were won over by the forward-referencing product approach of LORENZO and iSOFT’s innovative strength. They were also impressed by LORENZO’s intuitive user interface, platform independence, and service-oriented architecture.
By the end of 2006, LORENZO will have replaced the current solutions in all the medical and healthcare areas of the UKA. In a further stage, patient data management will follow, including inpatient and outpatient billing. In addition, as an interdisciplinary platform, the solution is intended to promote communication with other hospitals even those across national borders too, for example within EUREGIO, a collaboration between the University Hospitals of Maastricht and Aachen. With the concept of an inter-organisational patient record, the UKA will in future be able to offer a communication platform as well as IT services for local GPs, rehabilitation organisations and health insurers.
“LORENZO is a global standards-based product, developed specially for all participants in healthcare. This new solution, the first such in healthcare, is the logical next leap in the concept of a service-oriented architecture and places the focus on the care process as a whole. With its flexible system architecture, based on Microsoft’s .NET technology, LORENZO forms the integration platform for interdisciplinary and connected healthcare models,” explains Dr Dominik Deimel, Clinical Director of iSOFT Deutschland.
Detlef Klimpe, Commercial Director at UKA: “Through the use of the most advanced resources in all areas of healthcare, we intend to figure among the leading group of university hospitals in medical and economic terms. In our opinion in the area of information technology, LORENZO is one of the world’s leading solutions and offers the UKA, alongside its sound product approach, the best prerequisites for the implementation of its innovative business model. LORENZO is thus also our interdisciplinary IT platform with which we hope to further the cooperation of all medical organisations in the context of the Maas-Rhine EUREGIO.”
Volker Lowitsch, IT Department Manager at UKA: “After many years of very intensive evaluation of various systems, we have now decided that LORENZO is the most innovative solution. The comprehensive approach and clear understanding of healthcare has convinced us of the benefit in selecting iSOFT for this strategic partnership. With LORENZO as an open integration platform, based on internationally recognised standards, we intend to implement our ambitious plans for patient care in the future."
Tim Whiston, CEO of the iSOFT Group: “For iSOFT, partnership with the world's leading organisations in healthcare is of immeasurable value, as only in close collaboration and dialogue with these partners can true innovation arise. We are therefore delighted to welcome as a strategic development partner, the University Hospital of Aachen - an internationally renowned healthcare organisation and a pioneer of integrated healthcare models. For iSOFT this means the opportunity to benefit from the UKA's wealth of medical knowledge and to continue to develop LORENZO as the world’s leading healthcare IT solution.”