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The Sophia Home - More efficiency with new technology from Sony

MEDICA 2007, Düsseldorf, Germany, November 14th-17th 2007 – The Sophia Home and Capio Artro Clinic have invested in new, ultra-modern technology which increases efficiency and reduces the risk of infection. New cameras and screens improve and simplify operations, and the use of a new video conferencing system allows other doctors and students to remotely watch an operation.

Using the new sound and vision system from Sony, several conference rooms can be directly linked to follow progress in the operating theatre. The operating surgeon can ask a colleague for advice, who can see images from the operation via an endoscope camera and two ceiling-mounted cameras, which can be remote-controlled.

The colleague can provide input via a PC connected to the operating theatre. "Previously, he would have to go to the operating theatre and changed clothes, just for the sake of perhaps a 30 second discussion," says Magnus Forssblad, VP for Capio Artro Clinic and a specialist in orthopaedic surgery.

The Sophia Home is a private hospital in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. The hospital supplies efficient health care to patients from all over Sweden, as well as from other countries.

A specialist orthopaedic clinic, the Capio Artro Clinic primarily operates on exercise and sports injuries, and has moved in to purpose built premises at the Sophia Home. Previously, Capio Artro Clinic had been using an audio and image system from Sony. However, the system needed to be extended for the additional rooms that are interlinked in the new facility. The new operating theatres feature better ergonomics and monitors, which can reproduce sharp images in natural colours. This is highly important for keyhole surgery.

Video conferencing also allows the clinic to distribute both images and audio anywhere in the world. The ability to quickly get questions answered while performing an operation leads to increased efficiency and the ability to carry out more operations. This helps shorten waiting lists. The conference solution also enhances patient care, by allowing surgeons to consult their colleagues and make highly-informed decisions.

"We find that the technology improves efficiency and decreases the risk for infection, because less people enter and leave the operating room. The system is linked to three lecture theatres, where up to 180 people can watch an operation in real time. This also makes training easier" says Magnus Forssblad.

Each operating theatre has 2 monitors mounted on arms, and in one theatre Sony's latest 24 inch monitors (LMD-2450MD) are used, which reproduce images in High Definition, giving a much better resolution and improved colour reproduction.

The system has been fully customised and adapted to the high standards required by the Sophia Home and Capio Artro Clinic for user-friendliness and quality. All equipment in the operating theatres must be medically approved in accordance with the Medical Device Directory (MDD). There are now a total of five operation theatres ready. The collaboration between the Sophia Home, Capio Artro Clinic and Sony is continuing, and two more theatres are being renovated, scheduled to open in early 2008.

Sony products:
• Monitors: 2 x LMD-2450MD, 8 x LMD-1950MD plus 4 xLMD-2140MD
• Video conference: PCS-1P
• Network cameras: SNZ-RC30P
• Other: AV equipment, projectors, big LCD screens,
microphones, video cameras.


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